How to teach your baby to read

How to teach your baby to read

teach your baby reading

How to teach your baby to read.  We all want our kids to be smart.  Name one parent who does not want this.  Well after trying every book out there on the subject,  I finally came across a method that works that has been around since the 1960s.

how to teach your baby to read early

What is great about this method is that it can also work to teach your child multiple languages even if you do not speak multiple languages.  Many parents think you should wait to teach kids so much information, but this is the wrong approach.  Masaru ibuka in his book Kindergarten Is Too Late lays out the real potential for young children.   One father in Japan was able to teach his two children 5 different languages.

What most parents fail to understand is that your baby has 3 times the number of neurons as an adult brain.  As they get older, their minds start to prune these neurons.

In order to take advantage of these extra neurons, you should explore reading and languages with your child.  Ideally you should do this before they reach 5 years of age to have the best results.

I have been using this technique with my daughter, who is two and a half years old, and she is on track to read before she reaches three years old.  She can count in English and French, and she knows other French phrases.  The funny thing is,  I do not speak a word of French, and neither does my husband.

Teaching a baby to read early requires just a little bit of time each day.  The most important thing to remember is that it has to be fun for the child for this method to work.

You do not need any fancy games, or dvds to teach your baby to read.  This method only requires a few dollars worth of supplies to work.  You can use this method to teach your baby French or Spanish.  You can even teach your baby Japanese with this method.

Teaching your baby the alphabet is the wrong approach.  A young child interacts with the world, and the abstract symbols of the alphabet are far away from their world.

Phonics is another approach that does not work as well as this method.  Using this method, you train your child’s optic center to recognize the whole words from the start.  This method is fast, and it requires that you work at an accelerated pace in this short lessons.  Do not worry about your child keeping up.  The large amount of neurons in their brain is designed to absorb the information at a fraction of a second.  That is what many parents fail to understand about the visual recognition of a child’s brain.

Teaching your baby to read with this method has unlimited potential.  If you want to get started today, simply order a copy of Glenn Doman’s book How to Teach Your Baby To Read.  If your not one to read entire books,  I would recommend his other book How to Multiply Your Babies Intelligence as it summarizes the method and has some bonus material.

It also covers a way to teach math to your baby that many other books and courses have not used.  This method is very novel, and I have confirmed with a retired math professor of mine, that it is the best way to teach your baby math.

Teaching your baby to read early is something you can start today.  Most people have not heard about it because the big toy companies want to sell you expensive courses or tablets.  They would prefer that you not come across this method for your child.   This method of teaching your baby to read has been around for over 40 years, and it works.  I am already seeing amazing results with my daughter using this method, and I only practice it 15 minutes a day.